Apr 28, 2015

You're the Best

The set up, the rise both take a little time
no one ever laughed at a joke that was just the punchline.
I mean I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 9,
but by 10 I was riding no hands in the sunshine.

So come and unwind don’t be so confined
by the obsessive expectation everything should be sublime.
The dumb mind finds something wrong everywhere,
step back—take in the air and the errors.
We are heirs to mistakes that our parents made anyway,
every day children and adults both misbehave
like "Never leave a mess for someone else to clean"?
I guess unless it makes you money is what they mean. My nose got

broken when that bully knocked me over playing tag,
and the pot found in your pocket really pissed off your dad.
My boss said she doesn’t like my snarky attitude,
but I was just jokin’, I didn’t think it was rude.
Your girl told you that she’s been fucking some dude.
On the rocky road to life we’re all bumbling through.

Now—step forward boldly. Make your moves slowly.
No one knows or has it all. Inspect your thoughts closely.
                           To find your balance takes a whole lifetime
but it was still a great day when we couldn’t make that kite fly.

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