Apr 23, 2015


Yesterday at the Cubs game
a foul ball fell
right into this girl’s beer.

Everyone around her saw it coming.

Stop trying to write the story before it happens.
You can’t outsmart the path you’re on.

This is an experience to be experienced,

not figured out,
not planned,
not safe,

just surrendered to,
obliterated by.

The cup was resting on her knee, suddenly


How much of your day did you plan on?
Yesterday when I woke up
I still had a job. My whole week
had a schedule.

You can watch her face on the video
drunkenly realize what has happened
while everyone around her shouts
“Drink it!”

Today I have absolutely no plans.

She hoists up the cup
looks around
and chugs it down.

It’s the staring into the face of fear
that makes me love so fiercely.

Now there are all these men proposing to her,
and maybe that’s this sexist predatory thing—
a chick who likes beer and baseball,
sweet, I want her—

but I also fell in love watching that video.
To watch someone embrace the unexpected
so spontaneously, joyfully
is beautiful.

The crowded universe
will laugh in my face
and wrench away my fingers
one by one
from whatever I’m holding.

She’s got that roll with it drunk going on,
her body bobbing in the waves of
this moment, this
moment,  this moment.

I’ve come to know
I never dance so well
as when I’m shaking with fear.

She drinks her cup dry,
head tilted back
kissing a foul ball.

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