Apr 16, 2015

This World

Are you done screaming about the gays yet?

A trout just jumped out of the river.
I’ll make lunch in a minute
and we can eat it out here in the yard.

Yes I know it’s a serious issue.

Did you see that baldie swoop down
just now, over there?
There he goes again.

I can tell you’re sick over this,

but, my, what a sky today.
Across the river in the woods, deer--
three calves with their mother.

Corporations make me angry, too.

I wonder how cold the water is.
Let’s dip a toe in.
Let’s throw rocks.

And the poor and health insurance.

What do you want
for lunch? I have a cantaloupe
and a block of pecorino.

Isn’t it all going to hell?

I don’t know. Watch
your step going inside,
there’s broken glass around here.

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