Apr 28, 2015

The Adventures of Surrender Duck, Chapter 17

Surrender Duck paddled past the banks of Bigfork.
On the shore was a man lying on the ground, barely conscious
in ragged pants and a bloody shirt

“Are you okay?” Surrender Duck asked.

“Ooohaaoowww,” mumbled the man,
mostly to himself.

“Where are you headed?”

The man did not respond.

“What is your name?”

This duck is quite persistent
the man thought.

Surrender Duck encouraged,
"I will help you. Hop on!”

So Christopher did
and rode Surrender Duck downstream
all through the afternoon.

They came to several rapids
and each time Christopher was afraid
they would be destroyed by the rocks,
Surrender Duck would shout
"You just gotta roll with it!

Sure enough, every time
Christopher and Surrender Duck
emerged unscathed.

As it got dark,
Surrender Duck and Christopher were laughing,
telling stories of where they came from
and of the family and friends they missed so much.

They built a fire
and Christopher caught a rabbit for them to eat.

As they curled up in the dark woods,
Surrender Duck hummed a lullaby
and Christopher felt the world
and all of his troubles
fall away into the night.

When morning came
and Christopher awoke,
Surrender Duck was gone.

The coals were still hot
in their makeshift fire pit,
so Christopher caught another rabbit
and had breakfast.

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