Apr 17, 2015

Baby I Got It

In my head
I don’t need anything.

In my bones,
I need calcium.

In my skin,
I need touch.

In my stomach,
something savory, juicy, not too bitter, not too sweet, every few hours.

In my heart,

You thought I’d say love because I’m a poet,
but no, let’s be real here.

In my head,
I don’t need a damn thing.
Just a warm place to put my head down each night.
A little food, a little beer,
some good friends,
to be listened to,
to be accepted,
to not be yelled at,
to not be made to feel I’m an asshole,
some free time each week
to play music,
a lover who’s sensitive
but not too needy,
sex, sex, sex
always helps,
and while we’re at it
a hot tub would be nice.

In my head,
I believe I don’t need anything to be happy.

My head forgets.

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