Mar 2, 2013

Manufacturing Plant

"Because it's messy, yes, this mess is mine...
Look we've had similar stitches.
Look we have similar frowns.
Do the elderly couples still kiss and hug and
grab their  big wrinkly skin so  tough
wrinkly wrink, wrink wrinkly rough?"
---Animal Collective

All the burping pooping pissing crying
babies sleep lined up in incubators
like rows of boxes on shelves,
so bring a forklift.
Wear a hardhat.
Snotty and screaming when he falls in the alley
running from a few bigger kids shouting FAGGOT!
Quiet in class all day because all of a sudden
there’s blood in her underpants.
Painting with mom in the lanai.
Wheat field sunset golds in through white curtains:
sometimes life’s idyllic like that, and
sometimes it’s confusion.
Side by side in bed lights off
and neither of us have nothing to say--
we say nothing nonetheless.
Pent up anger.
Shoes off after a long day of work,
armchair ottoman beverage.
Through the windows,
adults pace lined up in apartments
like rows of boxes on shelves,
so bring a good book to read.
Wear your comfiest clothes.
Earth spitting up life
volcanic vagina;
everything emerges
then crumples.
Balled up tissues
flaked off on flaking face.
Everything emerges
then crumples.
Blades of grass on bare back.
These hands are wrinkling,
so bring an iron.
Press us smooth again.
The bark of a tree tells us
we never were.
Slide a peeler down a newborn’s forearm—
not so smooth now, is it?
Just all gushy.
The earth bulges
foot kicking elbow jabbing
like cats fighting in a sack.
Lumpy lumps lump roiling
toss her off her axis.
Volcanic vagina spitting up life.
Everything emerges then crumples:
wear a hardhat
or crack your skull and sternum open and
live exposed and throbbing to every trauma.
Let lightning enter your chest.
Xacto knife your eyelids off.
Soak your brains in the ocean.
Crawl inside a dolphin and dissolve.
Hope after the disintegration
you float away from
all the burping pooping pissing crying.
Slap the bottom
cut the cord
throw it in the incubator.
Suckle suckle suckle.