Apr 25, 2015

An Old So Long So Long Ago Love Letter

So long prairie sky.
The ears of corn have heard

what I have to say.

I’ll see you in the mountains
mingling with the magpies. 

Don’t know what I’ll do when I get there
but I’ve got $800 and some ideas.

The landlady of the boarding house
has a room ready.

Chicago, you were good to me while you were,
but now

I’ve got to get out of the billboard squawking.
Take me through Milwaukee,

past Madison,
let the earth look like the earth again.

Come on, rocks.
Come on, hills that work themselves up

into ridges.
Come on, ground

that suddenly drops out from under you.
I want to look down

and down you, staring
at your voluptuous belly, hips

of river banks where I can sit
and watch the water plunge by me.

Plunge on by, water.
This rapid world shoots by so fast I think

I’m an eagle.

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