Jan 27, 2013

We Continue to Continue to Continue

I bring you fossils from another era,
before the air was
                        man stink smog fog
in broad daylight—can’t see the sun’s rays right
when reptiles would play like
                 Gifts of stones and bones—
where the universe roams
on legs and wings and
from the mountain tops.
Counting stops hundreds of hundreds of
ages ago—no fingers to mark
the months years decades with.
No calendars to measure periodic table shit.
A French kiss in the morning mist
between two triceratops with their kids.
I bring you a breakfast sip
of water from the reservoir.
Because who we are
is organic patterns of dust
                                                come from busted stars.
You’ll be gleaning supernovas
in the light sheening off your scars.
Skin fades, disintegrates
            and re-integrates
with the interplay of everything
gone, come, come again.
I recognize the face of my friend
in the weeping willow’s sweeping branches bend.
And all things must come to an end.
Meteor, nuclear war—
   all things must come to end.


  1. "You’ll be gleaning supernovas
    in the light sheening off your scars"
    is hot. So is
    "weeping willow’s sweeping branches bend."

    I think there is some fat that could be cut, though.
    I'm a little confused by the meter, also.

  2. Most definitely. I'll post the song whenever I get a copy of it.