Jan 31, 2013

I Challenge You to be Like Some People I Love

Tomorrow at the grocery store,
buy a gallon of goldfish and
eat them in one sitting.

over 300 lbs.
over your head.

Take Adderall, do a few lines,
pop some molly, play guitar all night,
and record something scintillating.

Have a severe anxiety disorder
since childhood, do well in school,
and make plenty of friends.

Be gay.
Don’t tell anyone for 22 years.
Tell your closest friends one night.

Teach high school kids, grade papers every night,
coach their cross country team, and train
to run a marathon under 3 hours.

Continue to pay your student loans off, work, live
with your parents, and when one of your friends says they need $100,
give it to them, no questions asked.

Raise two daughters well,
be good to your spouse, support them, and
still make time for your friends.

1 comment:

  1. To so many people I love and admire. Thank you for being part of my life and for being inspirations every day.